Writedot provides a plugin to product owner, business owner, service provider, blogger and book author for their website to collect reviews from customer or users. It can easily integrate with any platform which support HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. By using this solution you can save your time and money which is going to use in development and integration. It provide a complete solution to collect reviews from customers like Admin panel from where you can change the styles of your plugin, it also provides manual approval process of the reviews given by customers.

Feature list of Writedot

  • Admin panel to change the theme of Stars, Progress bar and Buttons
  • Responsiveness of plugin so it can render on any type of device like phone, desktop, laptop and tablet
  • Varieties of star rating to display along with products
  • Searching of reviews is possible
  • Provision to send mail to the customer asking for reviews
  • Manually approve/disapprove the reviews given by customers

Integration Steps

  • Upload CSV file of your products
  • Add script and style to your code
  • Add tags in your html page for star rating and reviews