Writedot provide a plugin which allows product or business owner to make their website review enabled and allow customer to put their experience or opinion about products or services.

What is Review?

Review is a content of experience about product or services which is written by consumer. Review can be negative or positive based on consumer experience. Positive review gives power the product or business and helps in building trust with potential consumers whereas negative tell how we can make our product or service better.

Why reviews are important?

Reviews are the vital point for product or business which tells your capabilities about serving your consumers. Reviews are effective for building trust about product or services with consumers. There are other reason as well which tells the importance of reviews:

Increase sales
Online reviews increase the sales by giving information to the consumer to make the decision to purchase a product or service from business. People always like a product or service which already recommended by others. Positive reviews increase likelihood of consumers to spend more money on purchasing the product or service from business.

Decision maker
Reviews help people to decide which products or services they should buy. Review gives you better idea about the product or service. Positive reviews always attract and increase consumer interest.

Improve ranking
Fresh and unique content which regularly update liked by search engine spider and consumer review is the best source of those content. These type of content will increase the traffic of website and improve the SEO ranking.

Reviews attract for more reviews
When a business, product or service has already received reviews online it seems to encourage other visitors to leave their own review. Appearance of reviews give new visitors confidence to add their own reviews on that particular product or service.

Why Writedot?

Writedot provides a plugin for small or large product based organization to collect reviews from their consumers. It has capability to integrate on any type of platform which support JavaScript and CSS, and that platform can be PHP, JSP, ASP and HTML. Our goal is to provide reliable solution to the organization for collecting reviews from their customers.

Writedot has many more features like:

  • Responsiveness of plugin so it can render on any type of device like phone, desktop, laptop and tablet
  • Flavored of star rating to display along with products like
  • Searching of reviews is possible
  • Product or business owner can change the color of star rating which will reflect on the portal
  • Provision to change the color of progress bar
  • Ability to change the color and size of “Write a Review” and “Post Review” buttons
  • Provision to send mail to the customer asking for reviews